You Have The RIDE to Vote!

Victor Valley Transit will offer free rides all day on Tuesday, November 3rd , to make it easier for riders to vote in this year’s Presidential Election. The promotion, entitled “You Have the Ride to Vote,” is geared to highlight the importance of voting and provide the opportunity to be able to get to a Polling Center or Ballot Drop-off Location on Election Day.

“Victor Valley Transit strongly believes that everyone has a right to the voting process,” said VVTA Public Information Officer, Chris Ackerman. “We want to do our part to make it easier for our riders to have their voices heard on November 3rd.”

On Election Day, fares on all VVTA Fixed Routes, County Routes and ADA Paratransit Services will be suspended for all riders.  All passengers must wear a face covering and practice proper social distancing measures when riding with Victor Valley Transit.  All buses have been sanitized with Pro-Techs Antimicrobial Solution. The application is an odorless and non-toxic surface spray, providing 90 days of protection against COVID-19 plus other bacteria and viruses. A video of the process can be found at VVTA’s official YouTube Channel.

Free Rides does not apply to Route 15 and NTC Commuter lines.

“It is imperative to get out and vote in this election,” stated VVTA Board Chair Curt Emick. “Some of the polling locations have changed since the last election, and VVTA is proud to give passengers a free ride to get where they need to go to cast their ballot.”

Riders can visit to register to vote, obtain a voter guide, find their nearest ballot Dop Box location, or their specific polling place. Victor Valley Transit will be posting Ballot Drop Box Locations and Early Voting Sites leading up to this year’s election. 

The Great ShakeOut is Coming

Tomorrow on 10-15 at 10:15 AM, Victor Valley Transit will join over 6 million other Californians in the 2020 Great California ShakeOut earthquake drill. The Great California ShakeOut happens every year to remind us that the best way to stay safe in an earthquake zone is by being prepared.

Your past experience in earthquakes may give you a false sense of safety; perhaps you did nothing, ran outside, or stood in a doorway, and you survived with no injuries. Or perhaps you got under your desk, and others thought you overreacted. 

Yet you may never have experienced the kind of strong shaking that is possible in much larger earthquakes: sudden and intense back and forth motions of several feet per second will cause the floor or the ground to jerk sideways out from under you, and every unsecured object around you could topple, fall, or become airborne, potentially causing serious injury.

Taking the proper actions, such as “Drop, Cover, and Hold On,” can save lives and reduce the risk of injury. Everyone, everywhere, should learn and practice what to do during an earthquake, whether at home, work, school, or traveling.

In MOST situations, you will reduce your chance of injury if you:

DROP where you are onto your hands and knees.This position protects you from being knocked down and also allows you to stay low and crawl to shelter if nearby.
COVER your head and neck with one arm and handIf a sturdy table or desk is nearby, crawl underneath it for shelterIf no shelter is nearby, crawl next to an interior wall (away from windows)Stay on your knees; bend over to protect vital organs
HOLD ON until shaking stops. Under shelter: hold on to your shelter with one hand; be ready to move with it if it shifts. No shelter: hold on to your head and neck with both arms and hands.

Victor Valley Transit is committed to the safety of all our riders, operators, and staff. Sign up today and get more information at

VVTA Honors Million Mile Safe Driver Recipients

Million Mile Safe Driver Recipients with VVTA Board of Directors (L to R):  Driver Monica Carrillo, Alternate-Director Don Holland, Driver Tamia Sanders, Director Larry Bird, Director Gloria Garcia, Chair Curt Emick, Driver John Solorio, Director James Noble and Alternate Director Elaine Villareal.

At the September meeting of the Board of Directors, three Victor Valley Transit Operators, John Solorio, Tamia Sanders, and Monica Carrillo, were recognized for their service and received the distinctive Million Mile Safe Driver Award. To become a Million Mile Safe Driver is to join an elite group of transit operators worldwide who have driven one million miles or more with no accidents, incidents, or citations.

John Solorio began his career as a transit operator for the City of Victorville in 1990 before merging with VVTA, where he continues to be a fixed route driver today.  With 30 years and one million miles behind the wheel, John has used his experiences and knowledge to train new drivers.  John has been instrumental in helping drivers learn the routes, safe practices, and ways to stay accident-free.  John participated in the 2020 Bus Roadeo, where he placed third.

Driving ADA-Paratransit for over 20 years, Tamia Sanders continues to be charismatic and passionate about serving her passengers and her community.  Year after year, she has used her knowledge to support her fellow drivers, especially in the area of direction and safety.  Tamia has been and continues to be an excellent example of the kind of staff member that makes an organization soar. 

With more than 22 years of driving experience, Monica Carrillo is a top-notch operator.  She enjoys picking up and dropping off her passengers safely, on time, and with pride.  As part of the 2019 VVTA Safety Committee, Monica enjoys  sharing with others her insights and experiences that have helped her stay safe while behind the wheel.  Monica is an excellent example of an employee who does her job well and is serious about safety.

VVTA Board Chair Curt Emick also shared a congratulatory message. “This is truly an amazing achievement. Driving a bus is not easy, and John, Tamia, and Monica are experts who value all Victor Valley Transit riders.”

VVTA shares the Board’s sentiments and is exceptionally proud to have bus operators with such dedication to their craft and a keen eye for passengers’ safety. 

John Solorio
Tamia Sanders
Monica Carillo

VVTA Opens New Facility on Route 66 in Barstow

Victor Valley Transit opens a new Barstow facility on Route 66 to meet the growing needs of riders and provide greater access to jobs, schools, medical services, and shopping. 

Victor Valley / Barstow – In the continuing evolution of Victor Valley Transit, the organization opened  its doors to a new 5.5-acre facility in Barstow, California, located on Route 66. Since VVTA merged with Barstow Area Transit in 2014, the previously leased facility was utilized beyond its design capability. As the need for transit has continued to grow year-after-year in Barstow, the new space was needed to facilitate current and future expansion and promote a livable, sustainable, and economically viable community in the Barstow area. Designed by MZT Architects and Building Designers, the building of the 9,998 sq. ft. facility began in June 2019, with doors officially opening on August 11, 2020. 

Barstow Councilmember and VVTA Board Member James Noble with VVTA Utility Worker Dwayne Strandberg.

City of Barstow Councilmember James Noble immediately saw the benefits of the new facility. “I am pleased the new location is in an area where residents can utilize its services easier, and in talking with the staff here, it meets their needs with new modern equipment.  This facility looks fantastic!”

The new facility has already brought numerous benefits to VVTA staff as well as the community. One of the most significant benefits is that the facility is adjacent to the Liquified Compressed Natural Gas (LCNG) and gas station, making it easier and quicker to fuel Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and gasoline operated vehicles.  Previously, drivers had to travel approximately 12 miles roundtrip to refuel the buses, adding 38,880 unnecessary miles annually.  The relocated fueling stations will save more than $100,000 annually for the community. The facility was also approved for the SCE Charge Ready Transport Program, which will help save thousands in costs and allow Victor Valley Transit to introduce zero-emission battery-electric buses into the Barstow fleet. The new facility is also equipped with the proper flammable gas detection and ventilation system requirements for working on Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles.

On the technology side, the facility includes Wi-Fi in the service bay and yard, allowing mechanics to utilize tablets for inspections and repair manuals while working on the vehicles. In addition, this provides the opportunity for buses to utilize yard Wi-Fi to upload surveillance video footage instead of using mobile data.  

The location also includes a 2,515 sq.ft Westmatic Viking Bus Wash that features a water reclamation system designed to achieve the highest economical level of water recycling without using any chemical additives, recycling approximately 85% of used water. Other benfits include three modern service bays, updated equipment, backup generator for power outages, a  Driver’s Lounge, workout room, plus a brand-new lobby for the public to get route information, purchase TouchPass cards, passes, and more. 

“I love the facility,” stated Curt Emick, Chairman of the Victor Valley Transit Board of Directors, “The employees will love it as well, as it helps to have a new and updated workplace. The facility will help VVTA serve our community better here in Barstow.”

The lobby located at 2641 W. Main St. on Route 66 is now open for customers with proper health mandates in place such as required face coverings and 6 ft social distancing. Lobby hours are 8 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday and can be reached at 760-256-0311.

An official Grand Opening is planned for the coming months, once COVID-19 mandates have relaxed. For more information please contact Chris Ackerman, VVTA Marketing Manager/PIO at 760-559-5185 or email

Free 4 Me at VVC Returns!

The Fall Semester for VVC Students begins Monday, August 31, so now is the time to get your Fall Student ID, and ride Victor Valley Transit for Free!

Even though you may be taking your classes remotely, you can still use your Fall Student ID to ride our County and Fixed Route Buses at no cost. Just show your Fall ID to the Driver and off you go!

VVC Student Services are doing IDs by appointment only, Monday – Thursday, 9am to 5pm. Students can call (760) 245-4271 x2395, to make an appointment.

Covid Ridership Survey

As a valued rider of Victor Valley Transit, we want to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting your need for riding the bus now, how you may ride in the future, and what we can do to improve your experience riding with us.

You may complete the survey out anonymously or fill in your name, along with a phone number and/or email, and have an opportunity to win one of five 31-Day TouchPass cards as our way of saying Thank You for taking the time to fill out this survey.

Saturday Service Continues

Due to recent pullback from the State, Victor Valley Transit has elected to hold back on our planned return to full service, scheduled for August 10th. We are monitoring the situation carefully and will continue to operate on a Saturday Service Schedule until we feel it is safe for everyone concerned to return to full-service operations. Thank you for understanding, and we apologize for any inconvenience.


As we roll out the next phase of our return to service, Victor Valley Transit is proud to announce on Monday, July 6, our routes will be moving from Sunday to Saturday service (7am – 7pm) Monday – Saturday.  Riders, please look at your bus schedules to plan accordingly. All other COVID-19 mandates remain in place at this time.

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