Saturday Service Continues

Due to recent pullback from the State, Victor Valley Transit has elected to hold back on our planned return to full service, scheduled for August 10th. We are monitoring the situation carefully and will continue to operate on a Saturday Service Schedule until we feel it is safe for everyone concerned to return to full-service operations. Thank you for understanding, and we apologize for any inconvenience.


As we roll out the next phase of our return to service, Victor Valley Transit is proud to announce on Monday, July 6, our routes will be moving from Sunday to Saturday service (7am – 7pm) Monday – Saturday.  Riders, please look at your bus schedules to plan accordingly. All other COVID-19 mandates remain in place at this time.

VVTA Begins Phase II of Restoring Service June 1

Beginning June 1st, Victor Valley Transit will resume front door boarding, fare collections and will reopen their lobby to the public to continue their next phase on the way to full-service restoration.

Victor Valley / Barstow –  In an effort to move toward restoring full service and keeping in line with County and State mandates, Victor Valley Transit will resume front door boarding, and fare collection on Monday, June 1, 2020. This decision is the second part of a four-phase plan to have full transit service return across the board beginning August 2020.

This next phase will allow passengers to resume boarding the bus from the front doors, and with far collections returning, will encourage those violating stay-at-home orders to not use unnecessary transit, which will enhance the safety and well-being of other passengers and operators. 

Understanding the country is still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, VVTA will be installing protective vinyl barriers between the driver area and the farebox to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. In addition, social distancing will continue to be promoted with specific seats closed off, exit by the rear doors only, and all passengers must still wear a mask or face covering while on the bus.  Customers are still encouraged to use Victor Valley Transit for essential trips only. 

Also returning June 1st, the Victor Valley Transit lobby and Customer Service window will re-open to the public for purchases of passes, route assistance, and information.  Masks or proper face coverings will be required to enter. To help curb the spread of COVID-19, VVTA is encouraging the public to use this re-opening phase to purchase their fares using the TouchPass Mobile App, where passes can be purchased and used on all buses.The TouchPass is easy & convenient and will reduce interaction at the farebox protecting both passengers and bus operators.  Downloading the app is easy at the Apple Store or Google Play Store.   You can purchase fares from 1 trip to 31-day passes. Once set up, passengers simply point their smartphone to the farebox and board.

“VVTA has led the way into making sure our service is as safe as can be under these unusual circumstances. It seems our precautions are paying off, thankfully there have been no cases of the coronavirus throughout the entire VVTA organization including bus operators” stated VVTA Executive Director Kevin Kane.  “VVTA will continue to be vigilant and greatly appreciates our passengers understanding and cooperation as we all learn how to keep safe and healthy during this pandemic period.”

Victor Valley Transit executues these safety measures by conducting rigorous cleaning of all buses, stops, shelters, and facilities daily, plus all staff continues to be tested for symptoms of COVID-19 every day before the start of shifts. 


VVTA was established through a Joint Powers Authority in 1991. The JPA includes the three cities of Adelanto, Hesperia and Victorville, the Town of Apple Valley, and the certain unincorporated portions of the County of San Bernardino.  VVTA operates local fixed-route, deviated, and ADA complementary para-transit bus services in the Victor Valley area.  Its commuter service operates from the cities of Victorville and Barstow north to the National Training Center at Ft. Irwin and provides inter-city service from Barstow-Victorville/Apple Valley to San Bernardino/Fontana.  The service structure consists of 21 local fixed routes and 4 local deviated routes, 7 County deviated routes, 2 inter-city route, 1 commuter route, vanpool service and paratransit service.

VVTA Begins 1st Phase of Restoring Service to Passengers

In the first phase of resuming regular weekday service, Route 15 will return to a modified  weekday schedule starting Friday, May 1, 2020. The last trip from San Bernardino departing at 6:18 PM will be ending in Victorville and will not be continuing to Barstow. The remaining trips will be regular weekday schedules.

Also the NTC Commuter will start collecting fares beginning on Friday. If you do not have your Mega Pass please make arrangements to have on starting on Monday, May 4, 2020.

All other Routes will continue on a modified Sunday Service, rear boarding, and fare suspension while maintaining social distancing guidelines at this time.

A Salute to Frontline Workers…

To salute all Frontline Workers throughout the High Desert, Victor Valley Transit promotes special bus donning protective Covid-19 face covering.

Victor Valley / Barstow – Throughout the High Desert, many of our frontline workers are traveling to their jobs each day to keep the community running. From medical personal, first responders, grocery store workers, transit operators, and more, these people are exposing themselves daily to Coronavirus, and Victor Valley Transit has created a special bus to honor these individuals.

Beginning Monday, a bus wearing a protective COVID-19 face covering will be on display at their Victorville Hub, located at Seventh and Lorene behind Costco. This bus was created as a salute to all of the frontline workers throughout the High Desert.  This bus will be moved throughout the community over the coming days and weeks.

   Kevin Kane, Victor Valley transit Executive Director stated, “Putting this giant COVID-19 mask on the front of one of our buses is meant to garner attention from the community and our riders as to how important it is to protect ourselves and others from contamination during this pandemic. It is also a salute to VVTA team members on the front lines.” 

In addition,Victor Valley Transit continues to promote social distancing on all area buses, by closing off certain seats. This will allow our essential riders an extra measure of safety while getting to their jobs, shopping, medical appointments and caring for loved ones. VVTA has been proactive in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak by instituting measures not only for the safety of their passengers but operators as well.  Some of these measures include rear boarding, fare suspension, sanitizing teams for buses and stops, plus various outreach efforts in the community.

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