Sponsor organization: VVTA
Program phone number: (760) 995-3559.
E-mail Address: ctsa@vvta.org

Be a Hero, Become a Transit Ambassador!

Calling all friendly faces! Do you love the High Desert and want to help others feel confident and empowered to ride the bus? Then become a Transit Ambassador!

You’ll be a hero to:

  • New residents:  Ambassadors will show them the ropes, answer questions, and guide them to their destinations with a smile.
  • Public transit newbies: Unsure about fares, routes, or schedules? Ambassadors will provide friendly step-by-step guidance, making bus riding a breeze.
  • Anyone who needs a helping hand: Feeling overwhelmed or unsure? Ambassadors offer a friendly face and a wealth of knowledge to make every ride smooth and stress-free.

As a volunteer ambassador, you’ll:

  • Spread the love of public transit: Share your passion and knowledge, helping others discover the convenience and eco-friendliness of bus travel.
  • Make a difference in your community: Connect with people, build relationships, and create a more accessible and vibrant Victor Valley.
  • Gain valuable experience: Develop leadership, communication, and customer service skills that look great on a resume.
  • Have fun! Meet new people, explore your city, and feel good knowing you’re making a positive impact.

To get an Ambassador Application please send an email to CTSA@vvta.org

Together, let’s make Victor Valley Transit the hero’s journey everyone deserves!