Sponsor organization: VVTA
Program phone number: (760) 948-4021
E-mail Address: Info@VVTA.org
Trip options: Complementary paratransit for all fixed routes
Eligibility requirements: Artboard 1 ADA certification

To obtain a Victor Valley Transit ADA Direct Access Identification Card or a Senior Disabled Identification Card, please visit our Hesperia main office location at 17150 Smoke Tree St., Hesperia, CA 92345, Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 4:00pm

Already signed up for Direct Access? Call (760) 244-4000 to make a reservation now.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ensures that persons with disabilities receive “the same mass transportation service opportunities everyone else receives.” For those who have received ADA certification, VVTA Direct Access provides paratransit services as a last resort to its more affordable bus services.

  • Reservations may be made from 1 day to 14 days in advance.
  • Reservations are taken from 8 am to 5 pm Monday – Sunday. (Reservations placed on Sunday will be recorded and confirmed by the following Monday.)
  • Registered personal care attendant may ride for free.
  • VVTA and Direct Access observe the same holidays.
  • Any companion pays a Direct Access fare.
  • Companions must not displace Direct Access riders.
  • Certified Riders may call (760) 244-4000 to make reservations.

Before passengers may begin using VVTA Direct Access service, ADA eligibility certification is required. To begin the eligibility application process, click here or call 1-877-ADA-RIDE.

Zone 1$2.50
Zone 2$4.50
Zone 3$6.00


VVTA has adopted an appeal procedures as a mechanism for resolving complaints relative to the VVTA Direct Access services, policies, and procedures. For additional information, download and review the this PDF.

ADA-Related Service Complaints

Victor Valley Transit welcomes comments and complaints from customers on their experiences using VVTA buses.  Customer input helps us identify areas needing improvement, and commendations are always appreciated.

All customer complaints are carefully reviewed. Those submitted by customers who experience accessibility or ADA-related issues are also reviewed for adherence to VVTA policies by ADA Compliance staff in the Civil Rights Programs Compliance Department.

Full Title VI Civil Rights Information can be found Here

(Note: Customers who wish to file a Civil Rights complaint are required to file a separate complaint using the VVTA Civil Rights Complaint Form and submit it to Customer Relations.)

To file a service complaint, customers may contact Victor Valley Transit using any of several different methods:

  • Call by telephone or TDD
  • Send a fax (760) 948-1380
  • Use an online form 
  • Send an email
  • Send a letter by U.S. Mail
  • Visit Victor Valley Transit in person

All submittal methods will result in the Customer Relations department receiving the complaint information and entering it into the customer comment database, which documents every complaint received and all related follow-up activities.  Customers with an ADA-related complaint will receive a complaint confirmation/tracking reference number, usually within the same day but no later than five (5) business days from the day VVTA receives the complaint.  If  the customer does not receive a response within the five (5) day timeframe, he or she can call the Civil Rights Program Compliance Department at (760) 948-4021 to obtain the confirmation/tracking reference number.

Responsible VVTA operating divisions or administrative departments investigate all complaints and implement any corrective actions.  Complaints involving ADA or accessibility elements receive an additional review by VVTA’s ADA Compliance staff after the division/department investigation has been completed.  After the ADA Compliance oversight review has been completed, Customer Relations will provide a written reply to the customer to the contact address provided within ninety (90) days of receiving the complaint.  All complaints are investigated within a few weeks, but some may require more extensive investigation or more time to identify corrective measures.  In any case, a written reply will be provided to the customer within ninety (90) days.

Whether our customers submit complaints about service problems or share a great experience, we welcome the opportunity to be of service.

Individuals who choose to file an ADA complaint may initiate the process by contacting VVTA Complaints by mail, phone, or email, using the contact information below. Please submit the form found here.

VVTA Complaints

  • CONTACT: Customer Service Representative
  • ADDRESS: 17150 Smoke Tree Street
    Hesperia, CA 92345
  • PHONE: (760) 948-4021
  • EMAIL: Info@VVTA.org