BACKGROUND: “Except with respect to public records exempt by express provisions of law from disclosure, each state or local agency, upon any request for a copy of records, which reasonably describes an identifiable record, or information produced therefrom, shall make the records promptly available to any person, upon payment of fees, covering direct costs of duplication, or a statutory fee, if applicable” (Government Code Section 6257).

PROCESS: It is the current procedure of Victor Valley Transit Authority to provide a two (2) week turnaround time from the time this written request and payment is received, to the time the documents are put in the mail. The complexity of the request or difficulty in locating the documents, may accrue additional time. The resulting increase in administrative costs may be passed on to the requester before the documents can be mailed.

MAIL: Allow three (3) working days for mail delivery.

FAX: You may fax your requests; however, payments must be received before issuance of the documents. Additionally, you may request us to fax the documents to you under the following conditions: 1) The original documents are a size that our fax machines can handle (8.5” x 11.0-14.0”); 2) the document, as single sided sheets, number twenty-five (25) pages or less. The same charges apply per page.

PICK UP: Please make arrangements for the pickup. The same charges apply per page.


Download PDF Public Record request form here.