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Get where you want, when you want, and save time with Micro-Link, Your Neighborhood Ride!


Download the Micro-Link App or call 760-244-4000 to book your Micro-Link Trip.

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Micro-Link is the new Micro Transit service from Victor Valley Transit! Micro-Link serves South Victorville, North Victorville, and Hesperia zone areas Monday – Friday from 6:00 am – 8:00 pm, with on-demand transportation services.  Priced at just $2.00 per rideMicro-Link provides convenient and flexible scheduling that meets all your transportation needs. Just download the Micro-Link app, choose your pick-up and drop-off locations within the zone area, request your ride, and connect with your neighborhood, and beyond.

Micro-Link serves two areas in Victorville and in Hesperia.  You can schedule a ride from 5 days to on-demand availability via the Micro-Link app or by phone by calling 760-244-4000. Riders pay with cash on board each van at the time of pickup. 

This curb-to-curb Service takes you anywhere within a specific zoned area for just $2 per ride. Shop local, get close to schools, visit the park, make your medical appointment, or visit a friend. If you need to travel outside your service area, Micro-Link takes you to the nearest bus stop so you can continue your journey successfully! If you choose to travel outside your zone area, each $2 trip includes a free fixed route Day Pass.


The Victorville West Zone operates in the area between Mariposa Road, Holland St, and Bear Valley Rd, Hwy 395 and connections to Routes 31, 32, 52, 54, 56 and 68. You can now use Micro-Link to cross over Palmdale Road and the area is now extended to serve passengers to the Adelanto Marketplace to take advantage of shopping at Stater Bros, CVS Pharmacy, US Bank and much more!

You may also use Micro-Link to the following destination points:

  • Crossroads at 395
  • Adelanto Marketplace
  • Walmart
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Social Security Office
  • Yellow Basket Burgers
  • The Mall of Victor Valley
  • Cardenas Market
  • Silverado High School
  • Diva Dog Grooming
  • Family Beauty Salon
  • Super Slice Pizza
  • Brentwood Park
  • Melva Davis Academy of Excellence
  • Walgreens
  • The Cookie Plug
  • Molly Brown’s Restaurant
  • And More!


The Hesperia Southwest Zone operates in the Hesperia area between Main St, 3rd Ave, Ranchero Rd, Mariposa Rd with connections to Routes 25, 64, and 68. The area has been extended to serve passengers to the High Desert Gateway Shopping Center featuring Target, Bath and Body Works, Ross, Joann, Marshalls, Ulta Beauty, Farmer Boys, Crumbl Cookies and more!

You may also use Micro-Link to the following destination points:

  • Texas Roadhouse
  • Walmart
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Hippies and Cowboys Barbershop
  • Wisecrack Records
  • Oak Hills Garden Supply
  • Lime Street Park
  • 99 Cent Store
  • And More!


What is Micro-Link?

Micro-Link is an on-demand, curb-to-curb shared service offered by the Victor Valley Transit Authority in parts of Victorville and Hesperia. Rides are $2 per one-way trip and operates 6:00 am – 8:00 pm Monday through Friday.

How does Micro-Link differ from Fixed Route Bus service?

Micro-Link offers shorter wait times and better reliability in the zone area.  The wait time for the service is based on availability from time of reservation to time of pickup from your requested location within the service zone. On-demand trips mean you can access service when you need it, instead of having to plan your trip around a bus schedule. The arrival time are subject to changes based on unforeseen circumstances such as traffic conditions, weather conditions, delays caused by passengers (i.e. no shows), and/or traffic accidents.

Service is provided in a vehicle that will make short trips within the zone area. Riders can’t hail a Micro-Link vehicle from the curb, like they would a bus. Trips must be scheduled in advance. Customers must plan a separate bus trip to complete any trip outside the pilot zone. Micro-Link is only available within each designated service zone. Micro-Link cannot travel outside the zone boundaries.

Micro-Link is a supplement to the existing bus service and is meant to complement equity, reliability and efficiency improvements being implemented as a 6-month pilot program.

How is Micro-Link different from Uber, Lyft, or other rideshare services?

Like other rideshare services, Micro-Link picks you up and take you where you want to go within the zone area, but there are some differences. Other rideshare services can use surge pricing to charge more during busier times. Your Micro-Link price stays the same all day. Also, other services employ independent operators. Our drivers are professionals who have undergone rigorous background checks, safety training, and stringent drug and alcohol checks.

How Much Does Micro-Link cost?

A one-way trip is $2.00

When does Micro-Link Operate?

Each zone operates from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Do Micro-Link riders share the vehicle with other passengers?

Yes. Micro-Link is a shared-ride service. Other customers may be picked up and dropped off while you are onboard.

How Long do I have to wait for my Micro-Link Ride?

The wait time for the service will be based on availability from time of reservation to time of pickup from your requested location within the zone.

How long will the driver wait for me?

You will receive a notification 10 minutes your vehicle has arrived to pick you up with the App. As a courtesy to your co-riders, the driver will only wait for up to 3 minutes. To stay on schedule, the vehicle will depart if you do not show up within the 3-minute waiting period.

Will I need to Download an App to use the Service?

Yes, you can choose to download the new Micro-Link App. You can also call 760-244-4000 if you do not have a smartphone to book your ride.

Do I need to book my ride in advance?

Yes, you will need to schedule your Micro-Link ride in advance using the App or by calling 760-244-4000.

Where can I take Micro-Link?

Micro-Link can take you anywhere within each zone area — restaurants, shopping, entertainment, school, medical offices, a friend’s house, or bus stops. You decide where you want to go — and when.

Who Can Ride Micro-Link?

Anyone can ride Micro-Link. Children thirteen (13) years and under must be accompanied on Micro-Link by a fare-paying passenger. Up to three children five years old or under may ride free with that fare-paying passenger.

Can I change my pick-up location or destination?

You cannot change your existing ride-booking. However, you can cancel your ride and book a new ride that suits your pick-up location or destination.

How do I book in advance?

Choose a date or time in advance. Bookings can be made on-demand up to 5 days in advance through the app or by phone.

Why am I unable to book a trip on the app?

If unable to book a trip, please check that the origin and/or destination address is within the zone coverage area. Each zone has connections to different VVTA Fixed Routes for those who want to travel outside their zone area. If that is the case, the Micro-Link vehicle will drop you off at the preferred bus stop towards your destination.

Where can I board Micro-Link?

Micro-Link is a curb-to-curb service, meaning that passengers will be picked up and dropped off at the address or bus stop they indicate when scheduling.

What if I am traveling with a service animal or pet?

Service animals are always welcome, as required by law. All other pets must be secured in an enclosed carrier to board Micro-Link.

I am handicapped. Can I use Micro-Link?

Yes. All vehicles come equipped with lift ramps and ADA wheelchair access.

Are there SDM Discounts (Senior, Disabled, Medicare)?

Yes. There is a $1.00 discount fare for seniors (60+), disabled and Medicare riders.  This discount also applies to Veteran, Active Military and Service Members. SDM Cards may be obtained from Victor Valley Transit at 17150 Smoke Tree Street, Hesperia, CA 92345, Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm, or by emailing For more information, please call 760-948-3030.

Are there discounts for students?

Yes. There is a discount for students. This discount applies to students K-12. To receive the student discount, please call into Victor Valley Transit and submit a copy of your student ID or another form of proof of active student status. Once this has been completed, your profile will reflect the discounted status until the next school year.

I need to travel outside my Zone. Do I also need to purchase a pass to ride on the fixed route bus service too?

No. Your $2 one-way Micro-Link ride also includes a day pass on VVTA local fixed route bus routes.

What if I cancel or do not show for my ride?

When you book a ride with Micro-Link you are making a commitment to the system and the driver as a schedule is created to accommodate your trip. If due to some reason you are not able to take the ride, we advise you to cancel as soon as possible.

What type of seats can I book?

If you are passenger with bike, you can book a seat with Regular (bike) option. Bike racks have the capacity for two bikes.

If you require accessible seating, you can book a seat with Accessible option. You also have the option to add an additional companion traveling with you as a Regular Seat. The companion will also be required to pay $2.00.

Other passengers can book up to 5 seats with Regular option.

Please remember that all passengers in 1 booking need to travel at the same time and get picked up and dropped off at the same stops.

What can I bring onboard?

Please limit yourself to two small carry-on items that fit on your lap or under the seat. Carts cannot exceed 30” tall, 18” wide, and 18” deep (not including wheels and handle). Carts, strollers, and carry-ons must be loaded in a single trip without assistance and cannot block aisles or doors or take seats, except for a customer provided car or booster seat for children.

What Kind of vehicle is Micro-Link?

2022 Ram Lone Star ProMaster 3500.

Who Operates Micro-Link?

Micro-Link is operated by Keolis North America, which is the contracted partner of all VVTA public transportation services. 

Can I book Group Trips with Micro-Link?

Yes. You can book reservations for up to 4 riders using the app. Enter your information and click on +1, +2, or +3, depending on the number of people in your party. Micro-Link riders traveling together must stay with the person who booked the reservation.