Are You Ready to Ride the Route 15 on Sunday?

Are You Ready to Ride the Route 15 this Sunday?

Beginning this Sunday October 2nd, Route 15 will begin service twice a day from Barstow to Victorville and to San Bernardino! 

Morning Run:

Barstow City Hall: 8:00am

Victor Valley Transportation Center: 8:48am

San Bernardino Transportation Center: 9:49am

Afternoon Run:

Barstow City Hall: 1:00pm

Victor Valley Transportation Center: 1:50pm

San Bernardino Transportation Center: 2:44pm

Please see full schedule at:

Detours this Weekend

it’s going to be a busy weekend in the Victor Valley! The Victorville Fall Festival, the Apple Valley Happy Trails Parade & Street Fair, The Barstow 75th Anniversary Celebration and Phelan Phun Days are all happening this weekend!

The Victor Valley Transit team will be out at the Victorville Fall Festival and Barstow 75th Anniversary Celebration so come out and say Hi! We will have games, giveaways, route information and more!

Please note there will also be detours to make room for the Victorville Fall Festival, the Apple Valley Happy Trails Parade, and Phelan Phun Days. Please see below for route detours.

Victorville Fall Festival

The following stops will be missed for Route 56:

Stop #50391 (Civic Dr & Roy Rogers)

Stop #50143 (Civic Dr & Seneca Rd)

Stop #50223 (Kentwood Blvd & Ramona Ave)

Happy Trails Parade & Street Fair

The following stops will be missed for Routes 23, 40, 41, 43 and 47

Stop #20000 Apple Valley Post Office (Routes 23, 40, 41, 43 and 47) 

Stop #20088 Central Rd & Shawnee Rd (Routes 23 and 43)

Stop #20129 Outer Hwy 18 North & Navajo Rd (Routes 41 and 47) 

Stop #20138 Navajo Rd & Ottawa Rd (Route 43) 

Stop #20139 Navajo Rd & Powhatan Rd (Route 43)  

Stop #20153 Powhatan Rd & Navajo Rd (Routes 40, 41, 43 and 47) 

Stop #20190 Yucca Loma Rd & Navajo Rd (Route 47)

Phelan Phun Days

This Saturday is Phelan Phamily Phun Days! To make room for all of the Phun and Excitement, Route 21 will be on Detour from 11:30am till the end of service, missing the following Stops:

Stop #63060 at Phelan Rd & Sheep Creek Rd

Stop #63063 at Phelan Rd & Johnson Rd

Stop #63065 at Phelan Rd & Sierra Vista

Stop #63072 at Phelan Rd & Sheep Creek Rd

Have a Phun time!

Apple Valley Reverse Triathlon Detours

To make way for this Saturday’s Apple Valley Reverse Triathlon on September 24th, Routes 40, 41, and 42 will be on detour from beginning of service until 10:00am.

During this time, the following Stops will be missed.

Stop #20053 Bass Hill Rd & Westlund Way (40 & 41) 

Stop #20095 Dale Evans Pkwy & Hwy 18 (40 & 41)

Stop #20096 Dale Evans Pkwy & Johnson Rd (42) 

Stop #20172 Thunderbird Rd & Apache Rd (40) 

Stop #20176 Thunderbird Rd & Dale Evans Pkwy (40) 

Stop #20183 Thunderbird Rd & Wichita Rd (40) 

Stop #20221 Johnson Rd & Dachsund Ave (42)  

Stop #20222 Dale Evans Pkwy at High Desert Det Ctr (42)

Stop #20223 Navajo Rd & Johnson Rd (42)

Stop #20226 Waalew Rd & Rancho Del Lago Dr (42)

Stop #20227 Waalew Rd & Dale Evans Pkwy (42)  

Stop #20228 Dale Evans Pkwy & Johnson Rd (42)

Good luck to all the Reverse Triathlon participants!

October is FREE Ride Month!

Every day throughout the month of October, ALL RIDES WILL BE FREE!!  As our way of saying thank you for your patience and understanding during these challenging past couple years, we are offering all of our transit services, including our new Micro-Link service, will be absolutely free of charge all month-long beginning October 1st and ending October 31st!

Whether you are a seasoned rider or want to try transit for the first time, Victor Valley Transit will get you where you need to go for FREE!

(This offer does not apply to NTC/Commuter Transit Services)

Route Detors for Hesperia Days!

Effective Saturday, September 17, 2022, Routes 50, 64, 66, and 68 will be on detour between C Ave and I Ave due to the annual Hesperia Days Parade from the beginning of service to 12:00 PM.

The following Stops will be missed:

Stop #40115: E Ave & Olive St (Routes 64, 66, and 68) 

Stop #40116: E Ave & Olive St (Routes 50, 64, 66, and 68) 

Stop #40118: E Ave & Main St (Routes 64, 66, and 68) 

Stop #40141: I Ave & Main St (Route 50)

Stop #40142: I Ave & Main St (Route 50)

Stop #40172: Main St & C Ave (Routes 64 and 68) 

Stop #40174: Main St & E Ave (Routes 64 and 68)

Stop #40175: Main St & E Ave (Routes 64 and 68)

Stop #40177: Main St & I Ave (Route 50)

Stop #40211: Sultana & Main St (Route 66)

We apologize for any inconvenience

Full Service Returns October 2nd!

Victor Valley Transit is pleased to announce that beginning October 2nd, we are returning to Full Service! We are now back to full staff with a great team of Bus Operators that are ready to keep the High Desert moving!

Our Return to Full Service includes:

• 30-minute service* on Routes 31, 41, 43, 52, and 53. Other Routes will go from 2-hour service, back to 1 hour service. * (*times are approximate)

• Route 21 will return to Routes 21P and 21W

• Route 15 will now run 2 trips on Sunday from Barstow, Victorville, and San Bernardino.

• Route 15 times have been revised to meet with the Metrolink Trains at the San Bernardino Transportation Center

• Return of Route 50X: Direct Service Monday-Thursday from the Victor Valley Transportation Center to Victor Valley College.

• New Schedules will be available as times may have shifted on some routes to improve reliability and on-time performance.

• Routes now timed at the Victor Valley Transportation Center to allow for quicker and easier transfers.

More details available in the coming weeks and days, please stay tuned.

Introducing Micro-Link!

Micro-Link is the new Micro Transit demonstration project coming October 3rd from Victor Valley Transit! 

Micro-Link will serve North Victorville, South Victorville, and Hesperia zone areas Monday – Friday from 6:00 am – 8:00 pm, with on-demand transportation services.  Priced at just $4.00 per rideMicro-Link provides convenient and flexible scheduling that meets all your transportation needs. Just download the Micro-Link app (coming soon), choose your pick-up and drop-off locations within the zone area, request your ride, and connect with your neighborhood, and beyond.

Micro-Link will serve two areas in Victorville and one area in Hesperia.  You can schedule a ride from 5 days to 15 minutes in advance with our on-demand service via the Micro-Link app (coming soon) or by phone by calling 760-244-4000. Riders can pay in advance via the app or with cash on board each van at the time of pickup. 

This curb-to-curb Service takes you anywhere within a specific zone for just $4 per ride. Shop local, get close to schools, visit the park, make your medical appointment, or visit a friend. If you need to travel outside your zone area, Micro-Link will take you to the nearest bus stop so you can continue your journey successfully! If you choose to travel outside your zone area, each $4 trip includes a free fixed route Day Pass.

See Zones and get more information HERE

Fare Media Applications Now Being Accepted

Calling All Victor Valley Non-Profit Organizations!

VVTA’s annual Fare Media Program for the 2022-2023 season is now accepting applications from non-profit agencies. All applications must be complete and submitted by August 31st 2022. Please see below for program details.

The VVTA provides service throughout the Victor Valley and outlying areas.  VVTA’s efforts to aid in getting new clientele onto the public transit system has grown over the past few years, and VVTA is constantly moving forward with new ideas to increase public transportation opportunities for new and future consumers.  This Scholarship Program is aimed at low-income, disabled, or seniors who currently lack transportation options, or are not familiar with the VVTA system, and therefore are not able to utilize it.  

VVTA was successful in securing funds, specifically aimed at these individuals, in order to help them learn to utilize the local transit system as well as to help subsidize the cost of their travel.  It is VVTA’s goal to utilize these funds to the maximum extent possible and serve as many individuals as is possible.  Organizations that serve these communities, and these individuals, may apply on behalf of their clients for these funds.  The selected organizations will be required to document that the clients that receive the scholarships meet the selection criteria, and report back to VVTA on these statistics.

The Application is available at

If you have any questions regarding the Fare Media Program or its requirements, please call 760-995-3559 or email