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VVTA Vanpool

Commute For $35 A Week? VVTA Regional Vanpool Program allows groups of seven or more to commute for as low as $35 a week. Vanpool is convenient, comfortable, and saves money through a subsidy of up to $400 per month.


VVTA Regional Vanpool Program is convenient, cost-effective, and stress free. New and existing vanpools are eligible for the program subsidy. You or your employer may lease a vehicle through one of our three qualified vendors, Commute with Enterprise, Green Commuter and Airport Van Rental (AVR). Specially-equipped, commuter-friendly leased vehicles include maintenance, roadside assistance, and insurance. Drivers may even use the vehicle to log personal miles during after hours and throughout the weekend. VVTA Vanpool has its own advanced web-based application that makes the application and reporting process simple, when other agencies still require paper, pen, snail mail and phone calls to maintain eligibility. Vanpools must meet all program rules and guidelines to qualify for the program subsidy. VVTA staff makes the decision regarding which applications are approved, as well as which monthly subsidies will be approved for payment.

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Check traffic. Find a vanpool. IE511 and Vanpooler are commuter-friendly mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.


It’s quick and easy. Begin the fast pre-qualification process. Make use of personal miles. Save on your commute. And enjoy the ride. Sign up here!


  • VVTA Vanpool routes must begin or end within the greater Victor Valley and Barstow region
  • VVTA Vanpool applicant must be the vehicle leaseholder (primary driver or other passengers may not apply)
  • VVTA Vanpool must be used for commuting to and from work
  • Vehicles must be leased through VVTA Vanpool-approved leasing agencies
  • Vehicles must maintain at least 70% of vehicle seat occupancy
  • Vehicles must travel at least 30 miles round trip
  • Available seats must be available to the public
  • Vehicle leaseholder (applicant) and primary driver must be volunteers and agree to all VVTA Vanpool terms and conditions


To maintain enrollment and qualify for the VVTA Vanpool Program subsidy, vanpools must complying with the following:

  • Promptly and accurately respond to VVTA Vanpool and leasing agent requests
  • Submit monthly vanpool reports through
  • Update any changes to route, schedule, passenger and location on within five business days
  • Maintain minimum 70 percent vehicle occupancy
  • Adhere to VVTA Vanpool terms and conditions


The three vehicle types are specially-equipped commuter vans that may be customized to meet specific needs and requests. The comfortable exceeds that of standard vehicles, allowing commuters to socialize, nap, work or simply enjoy the ride. It’s up to you!

7 Passenger Mini Van10 Passenger Van15 Passenger Van
The mini-commuter is great for small groups and perfect for those that park in small parking structures. Entry and exit is easy with dual sliding doors.For long-distance commutes, the 10-passenger van is ideally-equipped, featuring reclining high back seats, comfortable arm rests, a 35-gallon tank that is flex-fuel capable.The 15-passenger van is a popular choice seeking an optimal blend of economy and comfort. Seating is specially-designed for ideal comfort, while maximizing your savings.


VVTA Regional Vanpool Program must meet all program guidelines to qualify for the program subsidy. VVTA staff makes the decision regarding which applications are approved, as well as which monthly subsidies will be approved for payment.


Commute with Enterprise specializes in providing customized vanpool programs and commuter services for individuals and companies across the country. Call Commute with Enterprise at (657) 221-4460 or (800) 826-4967.

Green Commuter specializes in zero-emission all electric vehicles. Save the planet, save your day from a miserable commute and save your wallet. Email Green Commuter and a representative will contact you.

Airport Van Rental (AVR) specializes in luxury commuter vans equipped with industry-leading upgrades and amenities. Sharing the ride is easier than you though.Call Airport Van Rental at (833) 287-7665.

Needles Car Share

VVTA Needles CarShare features hourly rental starting at just $5 an hour. In partnership with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, vehicles are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Need a ride to Bullhead City or elsewhere to pickup groceries or meet an appointment? There’s no need to rent for the entire day or wait in line at a rental office. Sign up online. Become a member.

Residents of Needles, CA.


TRIP is a self-directed, mileage reimbursement transportation service that complements public transportation. Volunteers such as friends and neighbors transport transit-dependent elderly, people with disabilities, and others to access medical and other services where no transit service exists.


See below for more information.

ADA Direct Access

VVTA offers flexible, safe and reliable fixed route transit service that provides personalized assistance with trip planning, which saves time and money. To learn more about these services, call VVTA Customer Service, or schedule an appointment with a certified VVTA Travel Trainer, who will personally introduce new riders to the joy of riding public transit.


ADA certification

Travel Training

If you are ready to experience the independence the bus offers and discover all the places VVTA can take you, we’ll send you a travel training welcome packet and walk you through the process. Schedule a personalized travel training opportunity with one of our kind travel trainers, by contacting us at the number above.


Foothill Aids Project transportation

FAP provides education, support, and transportation services for those with HIV-AIDS.

Foothill Aids Project
Contact FAP for more information.

Transit Ambassadors

Interested in helping your neighbors get around by transit? VVTA Transit Ambassadors are friendly volunteers who serve the community by connecting them to the High Desert’s fixed route transit system. These public servants make a difference in the lives of the region’s residents by providing transit orientation through their smiles, patience, enthusiasm, and knowledge.


FRC transportation

Please contact the Family Resource Center for more information.

Family Resource Center

VVCSC transportation

No-cost non emergency transportation for low-moderate income seniors or disabled persons


Victor Valley Community Services Council
Income, age, and/or disability requirements.