System Alert: Reduced Service Adjustments

Victor Valley Transit is pleased to announce that beginning October 2nd, we are returning to Full Service! We are now back to full staff with a great team of Bus Operators that are ready to keep the High Desert moving!

Our Return to Full Service includes:

• 30-minute service* on Routes 31, 41, 43, 52, and 53. Other Routes will go from 2-hour service, back to 1 hour service. * (*times are approximate)

• Route 21 will return to Routes 21P and 21W

• Route 15 will now run 2 trips on Sunday from Barstow, Victorville, and San Bernardino.

• Route 15 times have been revised to meet with the Metrolink Trains at the San Bernardino Transportation Center

• Return of Route 50X: Direct Service Monday-Thursday from the Victor Valley Transportation Center to Victor Valley College.

• New Schedules will be available as times may have shifted on some routes to improve reliability and on-time performance.

• Routes now timed at the Victor Valley Transportation Center to allow for quicker and easier transfers.

More details available in the coming weeks and days, please stay tuned.