System Alert: Reduced Service Adjustments

We are please to announce that VVTA has partnered with Cloud Based Business Communications, RingCentral. Analytics are important to our company, so we’ve expanded our business analytics capabilities so that we can retrieve real-time insights to better suit YOU, the customer. Our new phone system was implemented on Wednesday July 6th 2022 beginning at 8am to 10am. This highly anticipated phone system will definitely streamline our day to day operations to better facilitate the needs of our customers, passengers and vendor interactions with our Staff.

You will notice a brand new phone menu that has been added to our new phone system, this new phone menu should get you in touch with the department that you are trying to reach, It will take some time getting familiar with our menus, so please feel free to call in and check out the different menus we now have in place for you.

We are asking that you please be patient during this transition and new learning curve for all of us. We will be up and running as soon as possible. Some things to remember are as followed:

  •  We will GoLive July 6th at 8AM – 10AM
  • We are making every effort to get our main numbers up and running with a priority status to minimize as much downtime as possible for VVTA customers and passengers calling into VVTA.
  • We appreciate your patience during this new transition to make calling into VVTA easier and in a more organized manner.
  • Please keep in mind that we may experience longer than experienced wait times during this transitional phase.
  • ADA, Route and Scheduling, Barstow will still be receiving calls during this transition.