Left to right: VVTA Board Members Larry Bird, Joy Jeannette, Kimberly Mesen, Operator Jeanine Newman, VVTA CEO Nancie Goff, Board Chair Liz Becerra and Curt Emick.

This week the Victor Valley Transit Board of Directors along with CEO Nancie Goff honored Bus Operator Jeanine Newman, who assisted with a medical emergency at the Victor Valley Transportation Center,  with the “Above and Beyond” Award.

That day, Ms. Newman was alerted of a male on the ground who was unresponsive.  Immediately, Ms. Newman contacted 911 and realizing that the person had stopped breathing and began doing chest compressions.  A Victorville Deputy was the first responder to arrive and took over emergency care of the person.  The paramedics arrived shortly and transported the individual to the hospital. Upon loading the male onto the gurney, he became responsive. 

Ms. Newman’s prompt action in assisting an unresponsive person contributed to the individual becoming responsive when transported to the hospital.   Therefore, in recognition of service above and beyond the call of duty, The VVTA Board of Directors presented Ms. Newman with an award of appreciation.

Thank you Jeanine Newman for your outstanding service!