Join VVTA in Celebrating National Transit Employee Appreciation Day

Behind the wheels of our buses and within the inner workings of our transit system, there are unsung heroes – Bus Operators, Mechanics, Dispatchers, and Support Staff who tirelessly ensure the smooth operation of our community’s transportation. Rain or shine, through every season, they stand by us, ensuring our journeys are safe and seamless. On March 18th, let’s shine a spotlight on their dedication and hard work!

This is your opportunity to express gratitude to your favorite VVTA Bus Operator, Mechanic, Dispatcher, or any other member of the VVTA team. Let’s seize this moment to uplift and inspire these remarkable individuals.

At Victor Valley Transit, our team extends beyond Bus Operators to encompass customer service representatives, trainers, dispatchers, reservationists, mechanics, maintenance staff, and more – all working diligently to propel our community forward.

Join us in honoring every member of this extraordinary team on National Transit Employee Appreciation Day.

Remember, Appreciation Knows No Bounds!

While March 18th marks National Transit Employee Appreciation Day, let’s not confine our gratitude to a single day. Any time of the year is opportune to acknowledge the frontline heroes of VVTA. A heartfelt “thank you” or a simple gesture of recognition can brighten their day immeasurably.

We invite you to share your appreciation for the exceptional efforts of our VVTA Bus Operators and Staff. Take a moment to submit specific commendations and general words of praise using the form below:

We will randomly select three submissions to win an Amazon Gift Card or 31-Day Bus passes!

Transit Employee Appreciation Message