Victor Valley Transit is holding its 11th Annual Bus Roadeo on February 11th, and this year we are extending the competition to our passengers! You now have the opportunity to guess and vote on which of your favorite participating bus operator will win! If your selected Bus Operator wins in the Roadeo, you will have an opportunity to receive a Samsung Galaxy Tab A or 31-Day Bus Pass!

The VVTA Bus Roadeo is an annual safety and skills competition for bus operators who volunteer to participate. A Bus Roadeo is a behind-the-wheel skills and safety test in which drivers navigate an obstacle course and execute maneuvers such as the “Serpentine,” “Offset Street” and “Rear Dual Clearance.” 1st Place Winners can advance to state, regional or even international contests. The first bus Roadeo was held in 1975 and is an annual tradition throughout the transit industry to this day!

This Year’s Participants:

Fixed Route (Large Bus Category)

  • Dana Dixon
  • Yvette A Favors
  • Patricia Gates
  • Raelin Jackson
  • Robert Luna
  • Renee Parker
  • Wilder Rodas
  • Kristle Sanchez
  • Danica Thomas
  • Sione Tofavaha

Vote for Large Bus Operator

ADA/Direct Access Bus (Small Bus Category)

  • Geneva Barker
  • Terika McDonald
  • Jamieaka Ray

Vote for Small Bus Operator

To be part of the fun, grab the link here and on our social media channels from February 1st to the 10th and make your selection, depending on which of our services you use (Fixed Route or ADA/Direct Access). Then tell us why you are voting for them, and your contact information. If you select the Bus Operator who comes in 1st place in their category, you name will then go into a random drawing and one lucky passenger in each category will receive a Samsung Galaxy Tab A8! If you select the Bus Operator who finishes 2nd or 3rd, you will go into a random drawing to receive a 31-Day Bus Pass!

Official Rules: Only one entry in either category is allowed per person. Participants may only vote in either the Fixed Bus Route or ADA/Direct Access category. Duplicate entries will be disqualified. Fixed Route passengers will receive a 31-Day UMO Pass card, and ADA/Direct Access winners will receive 31-day coupons. Employees of Victor Valley Transit Authority and Keolis North America and their family members are ineligible to win. Voting begins Wednesday February 1 at 12:00pm, and ends Friday, February 10 at 11:59PM