System Alert: Law enforcement seeks info on VVTA bus driver assault suspect

Rider Tools

VVTA offers fixed route and flexible transit services to get around the Victor Valley.

On the website homepage you’ll find the fixed route rider tools.

Google Trip Planner

Plan a trip leaving right now or in the future using Google transit directions. You’ll receive directions for taking VVTA to any destinations in our service area.

Real Time arrivals by stop

If you know your stop code or intersection, you can look up realtime arrivals scheduled for any stop in the VVTA system. Predictions are updated live and can give up to the next three arrivals.

Service alerts by route

Get all current service alerts for the system. In addition, relevant alerts are shown on individual route pages. Learn about current and upcoming service changes, delays, and detours.

System Map

The interactive map shows all VVTA fixed routes as well as realtime bus positions. You can zoom in on any stop to get predicted arrivals. Each stop includes a link to more information on stop amenities, such as whether a given stop has a shelter or lighting.

Bus Stop Information

In addition to clicking a stop on the interactive map, you can also learn more about your bus stop by checking out our stop amenities database.


VVTA routes operate weekdays 6am-9pm, Saturdays 7am-8pm, and Sundays 8am-6pm. The VVTA Barstow buses
operate weekdays 6am-8pm and weekends from 8am-5pm.

There is no holiday service on: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving
Day, Christmas Day.

Exact fare is due when boarding, and pennies are not accepted. Fare is good for a single direction trip only.

Discount and Student Passes require a valid photo ID when boarding. There are no refunds or replacements if passes are lost, stolen, damaged or unused. Passes are not transferable and only valid to the person originally issues. Misuse may result in confiscation, fines, or prosecution.
Arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes early. Schedules and realtime predictions do not guarantee arrival time. As the bus approaches, check the route number above the driver window.

Signal your stop to the driver by pulling the cord or
pushing the strip before your destination. You may
exit through the front or rear door.

Service animals are always permitted on the bus.

Small dogs and cats in a locked commercial carrier, kept in
seat with passenger, are permitted.

Animal carriers must follow the carry-on size restrictions listed in the following section.
Carry-ons, which may include a pet carrier, limited to 2 packages on Route 15 B-V Link and 6 packages on all other routes; dimensions limited to 22 inches x 9 inches x 14 inches; must remain in passenger lap or under seat; larger items not permitted.

In case of floods or severe snow conditions, buses will return to nearest safe layover zone to await further instructions; every attempt possible will be made to pick up all passengers and deliver them to their respective destinations

Service inquiries may be directed to (760) 948-3030.

Other Policies

  • No smoking or eating on bus
  • Please remain seated while
    the bus is in motion.
  • Only non-alcoholic drinks are allowed in solid containers with lids (paper cups not allowed)
  • Drugs, weapons, open containers of alcohol are prohibited
  • Operator reserves right to refuse service to persons who
    are intoxicated, abusive, offensive to others, or not properly