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Umo Electronic Fare Payment

Umo is the new fare payment system to ride VVTA buses using a smart card or mobile app. With Umo, you can pay your fare with a Smart Card, or with your smart phone. You can manage your account online, and even set it to auto-load a new pass before your current pass expires. The hassle-free payment options streamline the boarding process by eliminating the need for passengers to fumble around for cash and loose change while paying fare when boarding the bus. Get Umo Now!

One of the most asked questions we have received so far since Umo Mobility’s release is, “Can I still use my TouchPass app or Smart Card?”

The quick answer is, Yes… for a time. The company that initially made TouchPass was purchased by Cubic Transportation Systems (a division of Cubic Corporation) reimagined and rebranded TouchPass from the ground up as Umo Mobility.

For our VVTA riders, you can continue to use your TouchPass card, and down the road we will have Umo Smart Cards available for new passengers, but if you have a TouchPass Smart Card, you are not required to change it out.

The TouchPass App will continue to work for a few months but will eventuallybe phased out.  The App will not automatically switch over, so in order to have a seamless transition, you will need to download the Umo Mobility App to your phone or tablet.

Once downloaded it is simple to transfer all of your TouchPass information and stored fares.  You can still use the TouchPass App to board our buses, but we encourage riders to download the Umo Mobility App due to all the new exciting features! Plan your trips with different travel options, see live GPS bus tracking, leave reviews, and much more.

Of course, cash and paper passes are still available. If you choose to ride that way, the Umo Mobility App is an excellent addition to your phone to plan your trips with ease!

Download the Umo Mobility app from the Apple App Store or Google Play today! 



What is a UMO Card?

  • The UMO Card is a contactless smart card, a credit card-sized piece of plastic that contains a computer chip and embedded antenna wire. When the UMO Card is within about 2 inches of the lower section or “target” of the UMO Reader, it will begin exchanging information with the UMO Reader using radio waves.

Where can I get a UMO Card?

  • You can obtain a UMO Card from VVTA’s Hesperia location at 17150 Smoke Tree St.

Is there a cost to get a UMO Card?

  • VVTA may assess a fee for the replacement of a UMO Card. Please call 760-948-4021 form more information.

What is the advantage of registering my UMO Card?

  • Registration is optional for UMO users. Registering a UMO Account will protect the Stored Value, passes and accrued transfer rights in your account in the event that your UMO Card or mobile device is lost, damaged, or stolen. Additionally, only registered accounts are eligible to use the Autoload service or to view transaction history.

How do I register my UMO Card?

  • You can register by going online to the UMO website, by using the UMO Mobile App and selecting the Already have a card? option or by visiting or calling a VVTA customer service at 760-948-4021. Please note that if you use the UMO Mobile App to register, your UMO Card will be disabled and you’ll need to use your mobile device with the UMO Mobile App to make fare payments from that point forward.

I have a UMO card, where can I reload it?

  • UMO Cardholders can purchase Fare Products using the following methods:
    • UMO Mobile App
    • VVTA Hesperia location
    • Calling 760-948-4021
    • Using Autoload

How do I use my UMOs Card on the bus?

  • To pay your fare, step on the bus with your UMO Mobile App displaying a dynamic QR code. You’ll find this QR code on the home page of your UMO Mobile App.

    As you step on the bus, you’ll see the UMO Reader on the right hand side. Once your QR code is facing the UMO Reader, a video will appear on the reader screen. This video will help you guide your QR code into the target area. The green light means you’re ready to ride!

What should I do if my UMO Card is lost or stolen?

  • Call or visit VVTA’s customer service location immediately to report that your UMO Card has been lost or stolen. If you have registered your UMO Account, the Stored Value balance, passes and transfer rights in your UMO Account are protected after the loss is reported to us.

Does it matter which side of the UMO Card is presented to the UMO Reader?

  • You can present either the front or back side of yourUMO Card to the UMO Reader. Ideally, you should present your card so that one side is parallel to the surface of the UMO Reader and no more than one (1) inch away.

Can I punch a hole in my UMO Card so that I can attach it to my belt or purse?

  • No. The UMO Card has an embedded computer chip and antenna wire. If either of these are damaged, your UMO card may stop working and you may incur a fee to get a replacement. If your UMO Card is not registered and is damaged, you may lose any Stored Value, passes or accrued transfer rights that are stored in the associated UMOAccount.

Can my family or friends use my UMO Card?

  • No. In order to use the UMO System, each passenger must have and use his/her own UMO Card or a mobile device with the UMO Mobile App.

Can I use my UMO Card to pay for the fare of another person that is traveling with me?

  • Some participating agencies may allow this when using Stored Value or certain specific Fare Products. Contact your participating agency to determine what its policy is regarding the sharing of Fare Products to pay the fare for another passenger traveling with you.

What happens if the UMO Reader can’t read my UMO Card?

  • If the UMO Reader display does not change when you present your UMO Card within two inches of the lower, angled section, try presenting your UMO Card again. Be sure to present the front or back side of your UMO Card approximately parallel to and within no more than two inches of the surface of the UMO Reader. If the UMO Reader display sill does not change, it’s likely that your UMO Card is damaged and will need to be replaced. Contact a participating agency’s customer service location to obtain a replacement card.


What is the Umo App?

  • The Umo App is a mobile application that lets you prepay and reload fare value to your mobile device. You can scan your mobile device at an electronic reader when boarding each bus or train. The Umo App also provides you with directions and helps you find your next bus or train.

How does the Umo App compare to the original TouchPass Mobile App?

  • The Umo App replaces the TouchPass Mobile App. The Umo App provides all of the capabilities of the TouchPass Mobile App and includes a variety of new features, such as multi-modal trip planning, with a fresh new look. Although you can continue to use the original TouchPass Mobile App, distribution and support of it will be discontinued in the future.

How do I set up a Umo account?

  • Download the Umo App to your phone and set up your account with a mobile phone number, email or username & password.

How does paying my fare with a Umo App work?

  • You must first purchase a fare product, a pass or Cash Balance, for use on the transit agency’s system you want to ride. Once you’ve completed that simple step, just select the Validation Code option on the Main Screen and show that Code to the reader when you board.

Do I have to use the Umo App?

  • No. A cash option will remain available to you if you don’t use the Umo App. You can also choose to use the Umo card, which is available from all participating transit agencies, or, if offered by your agency, a paper pass. Check your agency’s fares and passes webpage to see what paper passes are available.

How can I get the free Umo App?

  • You can download the App to any eligible smartphone from the appropriate app store:

    For Android devices, visit the Google Play Store by tapping the Play Store icon on your Android device.

    For iPhones, visit the Apple App Store by tapping the App Store icon on your Apple device.

What can I do with the Umo App?

  • After you register your mobile device and create a Umo account you can start buying Cash Balance funds or passes, get directions, find your next bus or train, and pay your fare by showing the Validation Code on the Home screen to the reader on the bus or train.

How do I pay a fare using the Umo App?

  • Paying your fare with the Umo App on your smartphone uses a two-dimensional barcode, also known as a Quick Response or “QR” code, that is linked with your Umo account. This QR code is known as a “Validation Code”.

    The Validation Code is accessed from the main screen of the Umo App.

    To pay a fare, tap Validation Code option on the main screen, then turn the screen of the mobile phone toward the reader until you see a video of your mobile device displayed on the reader.

    While watching the video, move your mobile device so that the Validation Code is positioned within the white corner markers also visible on the reader.

    The video will disappear once the reader scans your Code.

I just purchased a pass. When can I use it?

  • All purchases are posted instantly to your Umo account and can be used immediately. Just select the Validation Code option on the main screen and show the Code to the reader when you board.

What is Stored Value?

  • Stored Value is value that can be used to pay fares on a participating transit agency’s system. When you purchase Stored Value, it is loaded into your Umo Account. When you use Stored Value to travel, you are paying for your fares per ride and your fare for travel will be deducted from your account’s Stored Value when you use a Umo Reader.

How can I check my Stored Value balance?

  • You can check your registered Umo Account’s Stored Value balance in the following ways:
    • Umo website at
    • Using the Umo Mobile App
    • At participating agency customer service locations

My Stored Value balance is negative, what happened?

  • In certain instances, a participating agency may allow your Stored Value balance to go below zero in order to pay a fare. In addition, the posting of transactions to your account may be delayed in some circumstances allowing one or more fare payments to be approved even though your Stored Value balance was insufficient, or you did not have a pass to cover the fare due. We’ll automatically add the amount to your next purchase of Fare Product. If your agency allows direct purchases of Stored Value, you can also correct this situation by making a purchase of Stored Value for the negative amount or the minimum Stored Value purchase amount, whichever is greater.

I’m trying to pay for a purchase but I’m getting an error message, what’s wrong?

  • Participating agencies may use the Address Verification Service (“AVS”), a program that will verify that the address you used matches the address on your bankcard statement before approving your payment transaction. Because address may be recorded in different ways, its important that you input your address exactly as it appears on your statements. If there are two addresses (for instance, a PO Box number and a street address) printed on your statement, you may need to try inputting each of them separately to determine which of them your card issuer is using with AVS.

I just purchased a pass, when can I use it?

  • All Fare Product purchases are posted instantly to your Umo Account and can be used immediately after your purchase transaction has been completed.

What types of passes can I add to my Umo account?

  • Participating agencies may offer a variety of different types of passes. You can view the specific types of passes offered by a particular agency by using the Select agency function available in the Main Menu of the Umo Mobile App or by using the Change agencies function located in the navigation bar at the top of every screen the TouchPass website. You can also see a list of available passes at the website of a participating agency or by visiting a participating agency’s customer service location.

How do I check my pass expiration date?

  • You can view the expiration date of any pass in your Umo Account in the following ways
    • By signing on to your Umo Account using the Umo website and selecting the My Products link in the navigation bar at the top of every screen.
    • By signing on to your Umo Mobile App and navigating to the Home screen.
    • By viewing the display of Umo Reader whenever a pass is used to pay the fare. The expiration date of the pass used will be included in the information shown on the fare confirmation screen.
    • By visiting or calling a participating agency’s customer service location. Each agency will only be able to provide information about passes that are issued by that agency.

I have a valid pass in my Umo account. Why did I get declined at the Umo reader?

  • A brief explanation for each declined fare payment is displayed on the Umo Reader. You can also get information about your Umo Account to determine the reason in the following ways:
    • Umo website
    • Using the Umo Mobile App
    • At participating agency customer service locations

Will I be charged any fees for having or using my Umo Account?

  • We do not assess any fees for opening or using a Umo Account. You may be charged fees by your bankcard provider for the use of your bankcard to make purchases using the TouchPass website or on the Umo Mobile App. Your mobile network operator may charge you fees for sending or receiving messages using the Umo Mobile App or using your mobile device to connect to the Umo website.

Can I get a refund for Fare Products that I purchased?

  • Policies regarding the refunds for any Fare Product you purchase is determined by the agency that offers that product. Please contact the agency or visit the agency’s website to obtain additional information about the agency’s refund policy.

I just used Umo on a bus. When will the fare payment be posted to my Umo Account?

  • In most cases, your fare payment will be posted instantly to your Umo Account. In some situations, the posting may be delayed for a short period of time.

What are Alerts?

  • Alerts are automated messages that are sent to you by the Umo System. You can customize the types of Alerts that are sent to you. If you are using the Umo Card, Alerts will be sent to your email address. If you are using the Umo Mobile App, you can choose to receive the Alerts as a push message to your mobile device or as an email.

How do I add or change my personal information in my Umo Account?

  • You can add or change personal information in your Umo Account using the Umo website. Login to your account, then select the Contact Info link displayed in the dark bar at the bottom of every screen. Type in the new information in the appropriate field(s) then click on the Save Contact Info button.
  • If you’re using the Umo Mobile App, you can add or change personal information by selecting the My Account option on the menu, then selecting the Contact Info option. Type in the new information in the appropriate field(s) then click on the Save Contact Info button.
  • You can also have your personal information updated by visiting or calling any participating agency’s customer service location.

What is Autoload?

  • Autoload is an optional service that will add Stored Value to your Umo Account when your balance gets low or an eligible pass when that pass is nearing its expiration or gets low on trips. To use Autoload, your Umo Account must be registered.
    • I have Autoload but the credit card I use for payments is expiring. What should I do? You can change credit, debit or prepaid debit card information in your Umo Account using the Umo website after you’ve received your new card. Login to your account, then select the Payment Account link displayed in the dark bar at the bottom of every screen. Click on the Change button displayed with the last four digits of your stored card. Type in all of the information for your card then click on the Save Payment Method button.
    • If you’re using the Umo Mobile App, you can add or change personal information by selecting the My Account option on the menu, then selecting the Payment Account option. Click on the Change button displayed with the last four digits of your stored card. Type in all of the information for your card then click on the Save Payment Method button.
    • You can also have your payment card information updated by visiting or calling any participating agency’s customer service location.


I need to transfer to another route. How does that work with Umo?

  • Transferring from one bus to another is easy with Umo. When you are boarding the next bus, just present your Umo Card or your mobile device with the Umo Mobile App to the Umo Reader in the usual way. The Umo System will automatically apply any free or discount transfer right you earned for a ride on another bus. The display of the Umo Reader will confirm the use of a transfer, when applicable, and you can also see that information in your transaction history using the Umo website and the Umo Mobile App.

I’m eligible for a fare discount program. How does that work with Umo Mobility?

  • The application and approval process for fare discount programs are determined by each participating agency. Once you’ve been approved by your agency, your Umo Account will be updated to record that approval. Once that update has been made, you’ll be able to purchase discounted passes for your program. Also, if your agency’s fare policy allows it, you’ll receive the appropriate discount on any fares you pay using Stored Value.

When I pay a fare using TouchPass, how do I know that the correct fare has been deducted from my Umo Account?

  • If you are using Stored Value to pay your fare, the information displayed on the Umo Reader will include the amount of the fare and the remaining balance of Stored Value in your Umo Account. If you are using a pass, the displayed information will include the name of the pass and the expiration date or, if it includes a predetermined number of trips, the remaining number of unused trips. Please note that in some instances, the Stored Value or trip balance information displayed on the Umo Reader may not include recent transactions.

The display on the Umo Reader said to contact customer service and my fare payment was denied. What should I do?

  • You can review the status of your registered Umo Account to determine if there is a problem using the Umo website or the Umo Mobile App. You can also visit or call any participating agency’s customer service.


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