System Alert: Law enforcement seeks info on VVTA bus driver assault suspect

Due to the Victorville Veterans Day Parade on Monday, November 12, VVTA Routes 15, 22, and 41 will be on detour from 7 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., missing five bus stops on 7th Street.

During this time, temporary signage will be posted at the following VVTA Route 22 and 41 stops, which will not be served:

  • Stop 50060 northbound 7th Street at Center Street;
  • Stop 50064 northbound 7th Street at Forrest Avenue;
  • Stop 50071 northbound 7th Street at Mojave Drive;
  • Stop 50074 southbound 7th Street at Union Street;
  • Stop 50077 southbound 7th Street at Westside Road.