Due to road improvements, Victor Valley Transit Route 40 will detour Monday, April 15, missing multiple bus stops throughout the day in Apple Valley.

During this time, the following stops will not be served:

  • Stop 20104 on eastbound Goshute Avenue near Pioneer Road;
  • Stop 20152 on southbound Pioneer Road near Esaws Avenue;
  • Stop 20100 on eastbound Esaws Avenue near Central Road;
  • Stop 20086 on northbound Central Road near Ramona Avenue;
  • Stop 20184 on northbound Wanaque Avenue near Thunderbird Road;
  • Stop 20157 on westbound Rimrock Road near Wanaque Avenue;
  • Stop 20158 on northbound Serrano Road near Rimrock Road;
  • Stop 20087 on southbound Central Road near Ramona Avenue;
  • Stop 20099 on eastbound Esaws Avenue near Central Road; and
  • Stop 20151 on northbound Pioneer Road near Esaws Avenue.

Alternatively, temporary bus stops will be located at the following locations:

  • Temporary stop on northbound Central Road past Ramona Avenue;
  • Temporary stop on westbound Thunderbird Road before Wanaque Road;
  • Temporary stop on northbound Serrano Road past Zuni Road; and
  • Temporary stop on westbound Ramona Avenue past Central Road.


Due to ongoing road improvement projects through May 2019, transit service in Apple Valley is subject to disruption without notice.