System Alert: Reduced Service Adjustments

Detour Alert for Route 53

Due to planned 4 month road construction, Route 53 will be unable to service Jasmine St and Industrial Blvd between Hesperia Rd and Bear Valley Rd.

As a result, Route 53 will be missing the following stops:

#50217 Jasmine St EB & Hesperia Rd (Eastbound)

#50213 Jasmine St EB & Apatite Ave (Eastbound)

#50220 Jasmine St EB & Industrial Blvd (Eastbound) 

#50211 Industrial Blvd SB & Bear Valley Rd (Eastbound)

#50210 Industrial Blvd NB & Bear Valley Rd (Westbound) 

#50219 Jasmine St WB & Industrial Blvd (Westbound)

#50214 Jasmine St WB & Business Center Dr (Westbound)

#50215 Jasmine St WB & Hesperia Rd (Westbound)

We apologize for any inconvenience. Please call 760-926-4021 for additional information.