The next Victor Valley Transit Authority (VVTA) Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, September 6, 2017, 3:00 p.m., at VVTA Board Room, 17150 Smoke Tree Street, Hesperia, California 92345. The VVTA TAC Meeting Agenda is included here and also available as a PDF download.

TAC Agenda PDF TAC Agenda JPG

VVTA TAC Agenda: September 6, 2017

1. Recognition of Guests & Public Comments

Visitors are requested to make comments only on those items not identified in the agenda. Comments concerning agenda items can be presented when that item comes up. Please limit comments to three minutes per item.

2. Review VVTA Draft Board Agenda

  • Unmet Needs.
  • Amend the VVTA Fiscal Year 2017-18 Annual Operating Budget, Short Range Transit Plan and TDA Claim to Amend the Capital Project for Transit Amenities Improvements Local Match.

3. Barstow / Facility & Operations

4. Bus stop shelters/benches/lighting

5. SBCTA Update

6. COA Implementation Update

7. Other Business

  • CHP Inspection
  • APTA Expo: Atlanta, GA, October 8-12
  • CalACT: Monterey, CA, October 31 – November 3
  • CTA: Riverside, CA, November 8-10

9. Adjournment

The next regularly scheduled meeting is October 4, 2017. To obtain further or available information regarding agenda items, please contact the Clerk of the Board VVTA at 760 948-3262. Posted: Friday, September 1, 2017.