Request for Letters of Interest and Notice of Availability of a Request for Qualifications for a Design-Build Contract for the Barstow Bus Maintenance & Operations Facility for a 30-bus fleet consisting of a mix of 40’ transit buses and 25’ cutaway buses and Future Transfer Centers. Victor Valley Transit Authority (VVTA) hereby solicits Letters of Interest from contractor teams (Teams) interested in completing the design and constructing of the Barstow Maintenance and Operations Facility and future Transfer Centers located in Victorville, CA, and Hesperia, CA, on a fixed price/fixed term basis. The Project is being procured in accordance with a two-part, best-value Design-Build procurement process authorized under CA P.C.C. Division 2, Part 3, Chapter 4 [22160-22169] and 49 U.S.C. § 5325(d)(2). This Project includes the design and construction of a new Facility in Barstow, CA. The Facility is anticipated to be approximately 8500 square feet with three maintenance bays, parts, tools, and tire storage, and 2,400 square feet of office space for operations. The Facility will be of a metal structure with an appealing façade and internal walls for necessary office and maintenance space. The facility will be located on approximately 5.5 acres that surround the current Barstow LCNG fuel station located at 100 N. Sandstone Court, Barstow, CA. 92311. VVTA is in the process of sourcing and purchasing property for two new future Transfer Centers in Victorville, and Hesperia, CA. The Scope of these projects will be based on the final square footage of the properties to determine the best fit for the new centers. Once the properties are identified and the procurement of the property begins, VVTA will release an RFP to the short list of Teams approved through the evaluation process of the RFQ. This Project is being funded by Federal Transit Authority (FTA) funds. Contractor teams are advised to carefully review all contract requirements and to keep complete and accurate records of all spending in the event of contract award. The successful Team and any of its subcontractors shall be responsible for complying with the applicable provisions of FTA grant funding which are incorporated herein by reference and all federal and state laws applicable to federally funded projects. The Project’s cost is estimated at approximately $6,8000,000 and will include the obligation to provide a five-year warranty for certain elements of the completed work.

Download RFQ-2017-14 Invitation PDF  Download RFQ-2017-14 Addendum 2 PDF


This addendum is provided to all Design Build teams for clarification of the subject Request for Qualifications (RFQ). Paragraph 5 of the Notice Inviting Letters of Interest: This project is not going to be funded by FTA Grant funds. VVTA will use local funds for this project. RFQ, Section 1, E: This project is not going to be funded by FTA Grant funds. VVTA will use local funds for this project.